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Stypendium doktoranckie UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY dla polskich studentów!

27 października zapraszamy do Ambasady Australii w Warszawie na spotkanie informacyjne.

The University of Sydney is offering  PhD scholarships focusing on Complex Systems for Polish students. Backgrounds in applied mathematics, physics, computer science, and specifically in information theory and statistical mechanics would be beneficial.

It is very unique program offered only by 6 universities worldwide.

Come and join us for live webinar to learn about the scholarship and application procedures.

27 October 2016 at 9.00 am  Australian Embassy in Warsaw, Nowogrodzka 11.

Please register your participation in the webinar at:

Smart cities, megaprojects, power and data grids, ecosystems, communication and transport networks are all complex systems. They generate rich interactions among components with interdependencies across systems. This interdependent behaviour creates challenges for designing and managing complex systems.

Research on Complex Systems will provide you with the expertise to model, analyse and design resilient technological, socio-economic and socio-ecological systems as well as develop strategies for crisis forecasting and management.
It will develop your skills in quantitative modelling and computational simulation of system dynamics, complementing your existing skills in engineering, computer science, information technology, physics, mathematics, health, biology or business.