Interview Tip

Preparing for the initial interview

The preliminary interview is always conducted by Placement UK. If your original application has been successful, you will be invited to call us for an initial interview. If successful you will only have to do this once, regardless of the number of subsequent applications you make.

  • Before you call, think about why you would like to be considered for the position or what you can bring to the role.
  • When you telephone, try to call from a quiet location, where you are not going to be disturbed and can therefore concentrate on the phone conversation.
  • Remember to introduce yourself.
  • Remember the reference code of the placement/s you have applied for.
  • Understand the Essential Requirements of the role and that you can fulfil them.
  • Relax, the preliminary interviews are about how you come across and sound over the phone and to check you meet the basic requirements of the role.
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