Career Compass - Mentorship Program Kearney CEE 2023

Kearney Career Compass is a Mentorship Program organized by Kearney CEE. It is an outstanding chance to get an introduction to Kearney and the world of management consulting. Tailored for top-tier candidates contemplating a career in consulting, it offers:

  • Access to individual mentor
  • Consulting toolkit trainings
  • Faster recruitment process
  • Networking opportunities

During the program, participants will benefit from insightful guidance, solutions, and assistance provided by seasoned Kearney consultants, along with having the chance to connect with fellow ambitious students. The mentorship program will run between November 2023 - March 2024. During this period, the participants can expect to engage in a variety of activities and interactions, both face to face and online: regular one-on-one discussions, mentorship workshops, and skill-building sessions, while gaining access to knowledge, insights, and practical advice from experienced Kearney consultants.

 Who can join?

  • 3rd year of Bachelor students, as well as Master students studying in CEE and abroad
  • Students who are interested in a consulting career in CEE and who are speaking English along with one of the local languages: Czech, Croatian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian

 Application process: 

  1.  Sumit your CV by applying here: Kearney | Event pre-registration (
  2. Send one- to two-minute video in response to why you’re the right candidate for the mentorship program. Please submit the video to the following email:

Inquiries: Please email with any questions. 

Applications are accepted only English. Applications are now open. 


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