Imagine innovative and smart ways of moving in large airports

Aéroports de Paris is giving you the opportunity to take up a unique challenge: let's revolutionize part of the passengers' journey in major airports. How? By coming up with new airport mobility ideas for the future.

This challenge is a unique opportunity for you to propose your own ideas for transportations within an airport hub, covering new technologies, design, architecture, engineering and marketing,

Come up with ideas for new systems, innovative services or way to move that will help to deliver new transportation methods and access points within the airports of tomorrow. Set your ideas free and get ready for boarding on a world tour!


First and foremost, this challenge is a unique opportunity to pitch your project to a prestigious panel of managers and executives from Aéroports de Paris and international experts in the field of urbanism and transports, and to develop your innovation skills. What's more? There are various prizes to win:

  • The winners will win a ticket for a round-the-world trip, to visit 6 destinations of your choice!
  • A VIP day to visit the Control Tower, the Terminals… the airport's behind the scenes.
  • Tickets to go to the International Paris Air show in June
  • A 5 day-stay in Paris - including the airline ticket to come to Paris


You will have to think about innovative solutions that could completely improve ground transportation within large airports by 2025-2030. The aim is to facilitate mobility between the major areas of the airport (terminals, business areas, shopping centers, car parks...).


You may have an idea to make the daily lives of airport staff easier, enhance the experience of millions of passengers, or even improve luggage transit operations.

Your concepts need to be more than just a method of transport. You'll need to show how your ideas can help all users to travel comfortably and easily within the airport, how it makes their daily lives easier, and how it improves the urban experience within a major international airport.

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