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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Innovators Challenge

If you need wings for your ideas, if you value team work, if you think it is time to take real action... Get hands-on experience and start your career journey with Hewlett Packard Enterprise!

Should I apply?

Yes if :

  • I am based in Poland, Romania or Slovakia
  • I am student currently enrolled in university education
  • I will team up with 2 colleagues
  • I would like to share my existing and gain new knowledge
  • I am creative and proactive individual capable of proficient communication in English

What are the challenges I will face during competition?

  • Complex problem solving
  • Conducting market and customer analysis
  • Insights presentation delivered to executives
  • Close team cooperation
  • Industry and products understanding

When is registration deadline?

I must register not later than March 6th

Where I can find out more and register?

For more information and registration details check