Firmy naszych studentów: 1000 Hills Products

1000 Hills Products is a Rwandan-Polish distributor of high quality Tea and Coffee from Rwanda's renown gardens.
I am studying Masters in International Business at Warsaw School of Economics. My first idea of creating my company came when I was  studying polish language course. In this time I was learning a lot about Poland (the people and life in general). So I realized that most of the coffee and tea in Poland was really not of good quality. This is when I said 'Why not import Tea and Coffee from my country (Rwanda)?'
At first it was like a dream, because I believed  such an operation is very difficult and needs a lot of time and connections to make it start and successful. So I made a plan of the things I have to do before trying to start. I started first by going  back to Rwanda and make some training on Tea and Coffee industry (marketing, logistics ,quality control and packaging). I did these trainings  in my summer holiday when studying in Cracow University of Economics.
After the trainings I got back to Cracow, wrote my business plan and opened up the company. This happened right after my studies at Cracow University of Economics.
Company structure:
My company is called 1000 Hills Products. I am the Founder and CEO . We have accountants, lawyer and outsourced companies that help us in clearance of our imports and also logistics in and out of Poland. We also have a warehouse in Zgierz-Poland. I have two partners in Poland.

I also have a subsidiary company in Rwanda also named 1000 Hills Products. This company works closely with the coffee farmers, collects the coffee, makes different checkings testings and screenings  for this coffee, packages it in export bags and then ships it to 1000 Hills Products - Poland.

What we do:
We market Unroasted coffee beans (green beans) and distribute to roastry cafes that roast it and brand it.
Company aim and vision:

My vision is to create a strong B2B and transparent trade system between East Africa and Central and Eastern Europe. This trading system will be consistent in quality of the products and customer relationship both in Africa and Europe. Mainly through  strong connection between my Country Rwanda and my second home Poland.