Roland Berger Consulting Challenge 2015

Zapraszamy na Warsztaty firmy Roland Berger "Consulting Challenge 2015". Dwudniowe warsztaty wyjazdowe mają na celu poznanie branży doradztwa strategicznego oraz rozwój umiejętności analitycznych i pracy zespołowej.

Where thrills join skills of strategy consulting! You are invited to spend two exciting days with us near Warsaw on December 11-12 for the first edition of the Roland Berger Consulting Challenge, where we will test your team spirit, leadership potential and analytical skills.

In teams, you will compete against other motivated Polish students to solve a real business puzzle. You will have the chance to experience the everyday challenges and rewards of strategy consulting. 

Those of you who will convince us that consultancy is the right fit for them will be offered the chance to join the Roland Berger team and complete an internship in the company's Warsaw office.

Application deadline is the 6th of November.

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