Women In Consulting - Case Interview Workshop with DHLC


dhlcWhy Women In Consulting - Case Interview Workshop with DHLC is a good choice?

  • You can learn about the world of management consultancy and case interview solving from people who are recognized in the profession
  • In the workshop, we will also present different DHLC career paths
  • It can also be an excellent opportunity to practice and develop case interview solving skills through solving real-life cases with feedback from trainers and consultants
  • You can establish international business relationships with the consultants of DHLC and other top-tier university students
  • And much more...

The Workshop will be held online between 5 and 9 PM CET on 8 December 2021.

Application deadline: 28 November

The link to the registration form: https://forms.gle/M2m4io5bWdDsbHQK6

More information about the event:

  • Case Solvers trainers will provide participants with a 4 hr long best-in-class workshop which is a learning by doing. 
  • Trainers will first introduce concepts and frameworks of case interview solving 
  • Then, participants will solve & observe 4 case interviews with 4 different real problems and with different interviewers (they will be joined by experts who are DHLC consultants and Case Solvers trainers). Work will be in groups and everyone gets a chance to solve at least 1 case and observe the others. 
  • All cases are developed by Case Solvers based on the 20+ years of experience at top-tier consulting firms.
  • Participants will work hard and get painful feedback after each case interview.
  • Participants will get online materials to follow-up the training and get ready for the interview.
  • Participants will become a member of a global network where peers to practice with can be found as well.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/594394128441449