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Zapraszamy do rejestracji na przedmiot CEMS z P&G

Zapraszamy studentów magisterskich wszystkich kierunków do aplikowania na przedmiot CEMS: Brand Management in a Multinational Company with P&G (7 ECTS), gdzie poznacie jak budować strategię dla innowacyjnej marki przy użyciu e-commerce i technologii cyfrowej.  Przedmiot prowadzony jest w jęz. angielskim. Obowiązuje preselekcja, która trwa do 14 stycznia.

Więcej informacji: https://www.pgcareers.com/Brand-Management-at-SGH


Brand Management  in a Multinational Company with P&G (7 ECTS)

P&G is back at SGH with a Brand Management course in an all new and revolutionized formula. Learn from session #1 how to build the launch strategy for an innovative brand. Digital, data & e-Commerce are high on the agenda of this course. Register now for the best brand building experience available!



During this course you will have a great opportunity to deep dive into the world of some of the biggest global FMCG brands:

  • Discover real-life business cases of some of our P&G brands and participate in a series of skills building sessions. 
  • Learn about Brand Management from various P&G professionals. 
  • Get inspired by some of the top P&G Europe leaders. 
  • Develop a 360⁰ plan for one of the most innovative & technologically advanced brands.

Brand Management Course led by P&G managers and SGH Professor Piotr Ploszajski.


This course is dedicated to all SGH students of Master studies of all majors. There will be 6, full-day sessions (9:30-13:30). Participation in sessions is obligatory.


Apply by January 14th 2021.

More information and link where to apply is here: https://www.pgcareers.com/Brand-Management-at-SGH