Capgemini Application Services Market Segment Poland - OPEN DAYS



Business Garden Warsaw, ul. Żwirki i Wigury 16A 


Your family asks you if you are fixing your laptop, and all you dream about is to gain your first commercial experience in Java? Are you soon to become the alumni, and data conversion and modelling is your passion? Are you willing to progress in processes development or SAP? Are you a part-time student or close to finalizing day-time IT studies, and with heaps of free time ahead – are you wondering what happens next?

You will meet your future colleagues and mentors, while seniors will introduce you to their daily challenges and triumphs

You will learn more about the forms of cooperation we have to offer and acquire new understanding of the career development paths within Capgemini Warsaw

You will gain an understanding of possible choices in front of you: IT training right away? / or right after summer?

Our HR and IT consultants will answer all your questions be it during the event, or shortly afterwards.