Who are the career advisers?

Doradztwo kariery
A psychologist, a career adviser, a business coach with vast experience in the area of recruitment and selection, training, and development of employees. The key task of career counselling consists in providing students with assistance in selecting the direction of their development, further education and a profession matching their predispositions and competences. I would like to accompany you in your path to a dream career and inspire you to unlock your potential!

You can benefit from many forms of career counselling. They have been described in detail below.
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The Career Adviser proposes:

ANALYSIS OF A CV, A COVERING LETTER – I check your CVs and covering letters electronically. I add comments, give advice, share knowledge on current trends related to ‘good’ writing and effective applications. If someone does not yet have a CV or a covering letter, I am happy to assist you in writing them from scratch.

VIDEO CV – more and more often assistance is requested in creating a videoCV, short presentations to be posted on social media, etc. Within this service I assist you in writing a scenario for the recording and provide you with technical support (a camera, a tripod, professional space in the SGH Warsaw School of Economics conference rooms). Additionally, while working on a VIDEOCV you improve your presentation, self-presentation and elevator pitch (formulating short, coherent and interesting speeches) skills.

RECRUITMENT INTERVIEW SIMULATIONS – I especially recommend using this form of counselling service to persons making their debut in the recruitment arena, as well as those of you who appreciate extensive feedback. The simulation is of an HR interview nature and is conducted on the grounds of the CV and sent job offer. A very important element of the meeting is the feedback, in which key resources and strengths are identified.

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING CONSULTATION – the topics discussed during a consultation are extremely diverse. I very often discuss your educational and professional plans; together, we analyse hitherto experiences, job offers, consider possible scenarios of career paths and work on improving your self-awareness. You determine the topic and purpose of the conversation on your own. During the meeting I use attractive methods and counselling tools such as the POINTS OF YOU® card and coaching exercises. The conversation lasts up to 50 minutes. I invite you both to individual consultations and to a longer, procedural formula comprising several meetings.

TESTS (new version in preparation).

ARTICLES, PODCASTS, INSPIRATIONS – I sincerely encourage you to visit the YT channel #5minutDlaKariery, FB profile and the Career Service. You will find there a series of useful information about, among others, trends in the labour market, developing and promoting a personal brand, improving self-awareness and development of personal competences.

I warmly invite you!

Kinga Strzelecka, MA, Career Adviser

e-mail: doradca.kariery@sgh.waw.pl
telephone no.: (22) 564 94 71