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Warsztaty firmy L'Oreal poświęcone e-commerce - zapisy trwają!

“eCommerce IS NOT the future” …said no one ever in this century. Get your business head around it before this train takes off!

Status wydarzenia: Wydarzenie zakończone
Data rozpoczęcia wydarzenia: 2016-10-19 10:00:00
Data zakończenia wydarzenia: 2016-10-19 12:00:00
Ilość miejsc: 25
Data i godzina do kiedy trwają zapisy: Zapisy zakończone



Traditional retail channels struggle with growth and fierce competition, whereas eCommerce grows double-digit each year.

How to approach it when you are a 100-year old cosmetic company build on the brick&moratr business?
How to jump on the new train of growth without cutting off the branch you are sitting on? 
How to crack the e-commerce sales tactics for touch & feel category like beauty? What does it all mean to L’Oréal?
This workshop is an invitation for a visionary brainstorm, for discussion on the ‘what is 2016 consumer experience’,
for understanding tough business choices of global corporation getting disrupted by technology.

Enter the space, where marketing and strategy books are too slow to follow.
Enter the world of E-Commerce with L’Oréal!
We would like to invite 3rd year undergraduate and 1st and 2nd year Master's students to the workshop (room 152/G).