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Virtual Summer School 2015 (16th June – 23rd June 2015)

DOBA Business School is organizing the 7th virtual summer school in June 2015. Last year there were over 272 students from 22 different countries participating.

Cross cultural communication is becoming more and more important in today's business since the success van sometimes depend on how good you understand other cultures and social groups. Cross-cultural understanding plays and important part in cross-cultural negotiation, multicultural conflict resolution, customer service, business and organizational communication.

This is the reason for organizing a free International week entitled “Creative Cross Cultural Communication” (16th June – 23rd June 2015) offering interesting lectures and webinars.

Course aims

  • learn about the main characteristics of the archetypes of business cultures in the modern world;
  • master intercultural aspects in establishing new business contacts;
  • understand multiculturalism and the specifics of doing business in an intercultural context;
  • be able to cooperate in a multicultural work team in his/her own company or on the level of international business.

Course structure

The free course is structured around online activities, individual and collaborative. Course activities are supported by a course tutor throughout the course. students and tutor will meet in the virtual learning environment Blackboard, where all resources, guidelines and forums are to be found. For technical issues online support will be provided. There are synchronous sessions (webinars) planed.

Registration and course details

  • Registration: Application form
  • Registration deadline: 8th June 2015
  • Course Duration: 1 week with tutorial support
  • Course Start: 16th June 2015Preparatory period: 11th to 15th June
  • Tuition: free of charge for foreign students
  • Maximum number of participants: 60
  • Contact: Nataša Ritonija, Programme Manager, e-mail
  • More details: Virtual Summer School 2015 page