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„Millennials@Work" - meeting with the author 12/04/16

Warsaw School of Economics and Deloitte would like to invite to unique meeting with the author of bestseller "Millennials@Work" Chip Espinoza.
Studies show that in the nearest decade, millennials will account for 75 percent of all employees around the world. Today, people under 35 years of age constitute 80 percent of the 200,000-strong Deloitte workforce.

The new generation on the job market forces their employers to change their approach.

Chip Espinoza discusses the clash between the two generations (Y vs. X).

“If you read this book you will achieve success in your career and you will live a long and happy life. You will probably be promoted to the CEO of your company by the end of this week” jokes the author in the introduction to his book. But who knows, maybe it is a good sign? :)

The book has been written mainly for students but also for their parents and employers. It tells 20-year olds what challenges they will face and have to tackle on their path to success. It also informs the reader about the seven key skills that are indispensable for career development and how to effectively communicate with older colleagues at work.


⚫ Welcome speech - Professor Tomasz Szapiro, Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics
⚫ “Diversity at Deloitte” - Gavin Flook, Talent Partner, Deloitte CE
⚫ Presentation of "Millennials@Work" - Chip Espinoza
Discussion “Why does intergenerational collaboration matter on the job market?”
⚫ Chip Espinoza, author of "Millennials@Work"
⚫ Adam Mariuk, Talent Partner Tax & Legal, Deloitte 
⚫ Piotr Herstowski, President of AIESEC Polska
⚫ Anna M. Kozińska, Head of Corporate Centre, Warsaw School of Economics
⚫ Magdalena Kotlarczyk, Performance Sector Lead, Google Poland

⚫ Conclusions – Chip Espinoza Prize draw (10 books + voucher for Deloitte training "Generations")

Moderator − Katarzyna Pisarska, Director of European Academy of Diplomacy, WSE graduate

You can take active part in the debate, ask questions and give your comments on Twitter using #millennials.

The event will be held in English.
The meeting starts on 12th April at 3 p.m in Aula A, building A