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International Conference „Exchange for Experience”

This year from 14th of November until 18th of November in the Warsaw School of Economics the 12th edition of the international conference “Exchange For Experience” will take place.

The project, which is organized by the Independent Students’ Association, is devoted to student activities and international cooperation between organizations uniting young people. During the 2012 edition we want to focus on the following topics: development of managerial skills through games and business simulations, management in the IT industry. This year the theme of our conference is “Think about IT!”.

The workshops and case studies held by renowned IT companies will show students how the managers can tackle their problems using the modern technology. During the interactive part of the lectures the participants will train their soft skills and much more.

The foreign participants will also visit Cracow (17th-18th November), where they will get to know the old capital of Poland and enjoy the Final Ceremony.

The project is aimed mainly at the members of foreign students’ organizations. That is because the participants will also share their experience about the projects they prepare. However, some of the workshops that will take place in the Warsaw School of Economics are open for all the students of the Polish Universities. The details about the application can be found at the following website: www.e4e.nzssgh.pl