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Startup Weekend NEXT

We welcome you to join polish edition of 'Startup Weekend Next' in Warsaw!

Startup Weekend NEXT (@nextwarsaw) is a follow-up to Startup Weekend:

  • 3-week Workshop based on the Customer Development philosophy,
  • 3-4 hour meetings twice a week — on Wednesdays afternoons and Saturdays mornings* (more details below),
  • a maximum of 10 teams,
  • starting on Wednesday, 28 November,
  • finishing on Saturday, 15 December – public DemoDay.

For the participants, SWNext means:

  • three weeks of “getting infected with knowledge” to be found in on-line courses prepared by Steve Blank and available at the Udacity platform,
  • constructing, verifying and modifying their undertakings’ Business Models through:

o  work with qualified Next lecturers and talks with the best mentors that may be gathered for this particular initiative, till now we have Marcin Beme, Arek Hajduk, Michał Kostrzewa, Krzysiek Kowalczyk, Grzesiek Marczak, Piotr Wilam.

o  intensive work in-between classes, consisting in testing the assumptions the Business Models are based on,

  • obtaining valuable “feedback” from each other during the Workshop.

If your project:

  • is related to the internet,
  • is at an early or intermediately advanced development stage,
  • if you have a partner or a larger team

-> APPLY to SWNext Warsaw!

DATE: 28.11 till 15.12;
PLACE: Centrum Przedsiębiorczości Smolna 4 , WARSAW
PRICE: 140 USD/ person
Language of classes - polish and english

If you and your team (2÷4 people) want to apply for SWNext please fill up a 2-pages application form you find here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bea32ifqxiibqu4/SWNext_APPLY.pptx

Please send the application form to nextwarsaw@startupweekend.org by Friday November 23th till 4:00PM.

The list of max.10 teams invited to SWNext Warsaw will be published on Saturday November 24th at 2:00PM – at this page and http://nextwarsaw.eventbrite.com/
The chosen teams will be able to register for the event and pay for tickets (140$ per person).

Good luck!
SWNext Warsaw Organizers

SWNext Global page: http://swnext.org/
SWNext Warsaw page: http://nextwarsaw.eventbrite.com/

Twitter: @nextwarsaw

Current information also available on event page on FB.
1. NEXT Kickoff Event (Wed., Nov. 28 4.30pm- 8.30pm)
2. Workshop 1 (Sat., Dec. 1 10am-2pm)
3. Workshop 2 (Wed., Dec. 5 5pm-8pm)
4. Workshop 3 (Sat., Dec. 8 10am-2pm)
5. Workshop 4 (Wed., Dec. 12 5pm-8pm)
6. NEXT Demo Day (Sat., Dec. 15 10am-2pm)