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International career opportunities for recent graduates!

A job means much more than occupation and a source of income. Considering we spend in average 8 hours at work everyday, wouldn't you rather spend this time at a place that inspires you? This is more than something to write on your wish-list. Stora Enso and SABIC are two companies interested in hiring within the fields of business and STEM, who are actively looking for young talent from the Warsaw School of Economics.

Stora Enso is a Finnish-Swedish forestry company that currently operates in 35 different countries. Their GROW Global Trainee Programmeoffers permanent positions worldwide to recent graduates, and they are looking for talent interested in developing renewable materials. Application deadline is February 28th, 2017. Find out more at: https://medium.com/@entrypark/bridge-the-gap-stora-enso-5ed199307cd0#.ghvt1l3ul

Sabic is one of the largest petrochemical companies in the world, and are looking for innovative people interested in developing technologies towards a more sustainable future. Open for applications year-round. Learn more at: https://medium.com/@entrypark/bridge-the-gap-sabic-881b02eae5fd#.7kzyog4w0

Besides information about their job openings, you will also find specific advice for how to best navigate their recruitment processes, such as how and when to contact their recruiters, how to mention relevant skills in cover letters and CV, and how to prepare for an interview with them.

Good luck!

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