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Course dedicated to all SGH students on 4th and 5th year from all majors.

The course introduces students to the business reality of a multifunctional company using P&G as best-in-class example. Students are assigned to a multifunctional team and work on a plan to relaunch a brand and bring it to market leader position. Managers from marketing, finance, logistics and sales departments introduce students to their everyday business challenges and share expertise and tools necessary to successfully manage a brand. Students work in groups reflecting multi-functional team set-up to recommend new strategy for the brand's relaunch. They focus on key business areas: marketing (brand re-positioning and communication strategy), market research (assessing the competitive landscape, market sizing), finance (brand’s profit & loss), logistics (supply chain optimization) and sales (trade strategies, promotions effectiveness). The outcome of the course will be presentations of each group’s relaunch recommendation to the executive board. Course objective: Introduce students to the strategic and operational reality of a multinational company based on Procter & Gamble example. Making students familiar with key roles and tools used by different departments of the company giving them the opportunity to apply the acquired skills in the real business case, training soft skills such as presentation skills, teamwork and analytical skills. 

Recruitment procedure for the course:

Students interested in applying for the course need to fill out the questionnaire and online assessment test and then pass the reasoning test (in P&G office or on the campus)

Applications are accepted and the online tests have to be completed until January 25th, 2017.

Reasoning tests (RT) have to be completed by January 20th, 2017. The candidates passing the online assessment will be invited to write the RT in the P&G Warsaw office throughout December and January. The final test will be done on the Warsaw School of Economics Campus (Building G) on January 20th at 11.40.

Description of the course.