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Placement UK - European Student Placements

If you are a student looking for a placement with a company in the United Kingdom, then Placement UK would like to hear from you. We provide students with a free service and we make an effort to offer opportunities and placements, which ideally match student and employer requirements.

Please visit our website, www.placement-uk.com, regularly to view the current opportunities. You can apply for placements by completing the application form through the Opportunities page. You should also be prepared to attach a CV (Curriculum Vitae) to your online profile and a cover letter for each application you make.

Who can apply?

All placement opportunities are open to any undergraduate or any graduate studying for a further degree, with a valid EU passport or equivalent or a UK visa which permits them to take up a placement as part of their studies.

Please be aware that if you are selected, you will be required to provide the company with a Placement Agreement from your academic organisation.

Important If you are unable to meet these requirements, we are unable to process your application.


Typically, placement employers only provide for basic expenses such as accommodation and subsistence expenses. If you are prepared to accept this then you may use our free service. Please note that remuneration packages are not negotiable under any circumstances.

How does it work?

Let us briefly describe the process we follow to get the right student into a suitable placement in a UK organisation.

  1. Our client companies complete a Placement Description & Student Specification Form. This gives us the details we need to screen candidates against their specific criteria.
  1. Students apply separately for each opportunity they are interested in on-line through our website, and email CVs and cover letters in English to support their applications.
  1. We carefully screen applications against the criteria given to us by our clients.
  1. Suitably qualified and motivated candidates are contacted and interviewed on the telephone. The applicants are assessed and graded, and a shortlist of the very best is compiled.
  1. A shortlist of the 4 or 5 best matches, typically, is forwarded to the UK Company.
  1. We recommend that our client contacts these people by email to arrange a telephone interview with them. (It is unusual to hold face-to-face interviews unless the candidate is already in the country, as travel costs etc. make this prohibitive).
  1. The client company makes their choice and confirms the start and finish dates of the placement.
  1. We ensure a Placement Agreement is put in place between the University, the Undergraduate and the client. (It confirms that the placement is approved by your school, and is part of your studies)
  1.  The successful candidate starts the placement on due date.

Visit www.placement-uk.com for all our current Placement Opportunities!