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IES Consulting – Your internship abroad

Realize one of your New Year´s resolutions and start your career in 2013! Gain experience abroad and boost your experience with IES Consulting today!

Working and living in one of Europe´s most exciting cities? – we offer internships in cities like Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Madrid and many more.

Work in a professional environment – gain professional experience!

Find your internship abroad in an international luxury resort or a renowned travel agency. IES Consulting offers qualified and paid internships in the tourism sector with a flexible duration from 2-12 months.

Gain important professional experience by doing an internship which goes along with your studies – in the fields of HR, Marketing, Consulting, Finance, Sales and many more.

Gain multicultural experience and improve your language skills at the same time – no matter if it is German, Spanish or French – we have the right offer for you!


Students which would like to apply for our internships are invited to send a CV on interns@ies-consulting.es or register their application HERE

We invite you to check our internships offers HERE