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Join the Future Leaders Programme

Discover the future leaders programme! To find out more and to apply, please go to: www.bp.com/flp

We´re looking for post-graduates with relevant professional experience and the potential to achieve more. FLP is for people with strong personal qualities and a track record of achievement. You'll be able to motivate and respect others and will have the ability to listen and learn from the team around you. A global outlook and fluent English are essential as is adaptability and determination.

We'll invest in you and provide you with a structured development experience, competitive reward, and the opportunity for you to develop your personal and technical skills as well as accelerate your career.

You'll rotate through two roles that offer you real responsibilities- roles that have an impact on a global energy company. Over the course of the programme, you'll experience different parts of our business, gain knowledge and establish a strong network. You'll also have a mentor who can help you see and understand more of BP- and more of your own talents.

To apply and to get more detailed information, go to: www.bp.com/flp Deadline to apply: November 30