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Erasmus scholarship awarded for international placement participants

LLP Erasmus programme offers students an opportunity to receive a scholarship that would help cover the costs of living abroad.

Financial support from programme funds for the 2012/2013 academic year can be obtained for placements conducted before September 30, 2013. Placements should last 3 months. Beneficiaries are selected on a first-come, first-served basis, while all application documents should be supplied around one month before placement commencement.

The Erasmus programme framework enables students to go abroad to foreign institutions, including enterprises/companies, academic and research units, not-for-profit organisations and other institutions (such as museums, libraries, hospitals, etc.). Students cannot conduct Erasmus placements in EU institutions, other institutions responsible for managing EU programmes nor in Polish diplomatic institutions abroad. The institution chosen for conducting student placement must be located in a country participating in the Erasmus programme. Finding a placement is the student’s responsibility, however an updated “Offered Placements” tab at SGH website.

Students going abroad for an Erasmus placement adhere to Rules&Regulations of Professional Student Placements in force at the Warsaw School of Economics.

More information about the Erasmus programme at SGH at the International Centre website.