Oct 30, 2020

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Here you can find the answers to the the questions that are frequently asked by the students and SGH employees.

The guidelines below are mostly suitable for the students and employees of Warsaw School of Economics. If you represent an employer, please use the FAQ in the "For employers" section.

How to become a user of Careers Portal?

To use the portal you need to register. The registration is available for:

  • Students of Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) - the SGH mailbox/Virtual Dean's Office login data is required
  • SGH graduates with the SGH mailbox/Virtual Dean's Office login data
  • SGH employees with the SGH mailbox/Virtual Dean's Office login data
  • SGH graduates who never owned the SGH network login data - the diploma number is required

During the registration process, username and password for SGH_NET need to be given first. In case of the graduates who never held such login data, surname and diploma number should be given in the first step.

After completing the registration you can log into the Careers Portal. In case of users who owned SGH_NET login, the same data as in the first step of registration should be used to log in.

Other users use the username they picked during the registration. Please remember that the usernames of graduates are automatically preceeded by the "abs_" prefix during the registration and the prefix should be used when loggin in.

Can a person who is not related to Warsaw School of Economics in any way, view the job opportunities published in the Careers Portal?

Unfortunately, people who never studied nor worked at Warsaw School of Economics are not allowed to browse the published opportunities.

I am a doctoral or postgraduate student and I don't hold a SGH_NET login. Can I use the Careers Portal?

Yes, every student at SGH is entitled to register in the portal. However, before doing so you need to obtain the login. In order to do so, please contact the User Support Team.

I am a graduate of WSE and I used to have network login, however I no longer remember it. What am I supposed to do?

Please contact the User Support Team. A personal visit to the Team's office may be required.

I graduated from Warsaw School of Economics before 2000 and completed the corresponding registration form. Why is my username and password not accepted by the system?

If you received the e-mail confirming the successful registration and you cannot log in in spite of that, please make sure if you preceed the username you selected with the prefix "abs_" as indicated in the instructions. The appropriate format of your username should be:


If you did not receive the e-mail confirming the registration and you competed the registration form more than one day ago, please contact the External Relations using the "Contact" form, selecting the topic "other issues" from the list.