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Marketing Challenge


Husky Bank is a Scandinavian retail bank dynamically expanding its operations over new geographical markets. The bank currently considers entering Greek market.

You are a Product Manager in Retail Banking Marketing Department at the headquarters of Husky Bank in Oslo. Your task is to make market research and to identify gaps on the Greek market – chances for Husky Bank.

All you can use as a source of information is in the Internet.

If you succeed there is a chance you’ll go to Greece to win a job experience of your life.

Your task: 

1.     Prepare comparison of credit/loan and deposit products for retail banking clients on the Greek market. Take into account offers of any 5 banks listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

2.     Propose products that in your opinion Husky Bank could successfully implement on the Greek Market (up to 3 credit and 3 deposit products). Remember that you are entering the market.

3.     Present products’ features, prices (commissions and interests) and distribution channels. Do not work on promotional issues. 


1.     Every product must be profitable.

2.     The board expects you’ll create a really attractive offer for the prospective Greek clients.  

The board expects from you: 

  1. Imaginative and creative approach.
  2. Complex and thorough analysis of market research.
  3. Focus on profitability.
  4. Anesthetic, clear and attractive presentation.
  5. Ability to defend your proposal. 

Please, send your work in PowerPoint (max. 15 slides) or in Word (max. 10 000 marks) to: till 8th of April.

In a subject please write: “Competition – Marketing Challenge”.

Individual works accepted only.  

The main prize is an internship in Greece. Rules of the contest can be found at