Oct 30, 2020

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How to publish a job offer?

The offers in the SGH Careers Portal can be published by the registered company representative only. The details of the procedure are available in this article.

 In order to publish an advertisment in the portal, the employer's representative should:

  • Register the company in the portal or be added as a representative of an existing company by the existing representative;
  • Log in;
  • Fill in the on-line form available under 'Publish an advertisment' in the 'For employers' section.

IMPORTANT: Companies located in the EU Member countries can sign up on the Career Portal using this form. Companies outside the EU Member countries are kindly asked to contact us in order to create an account.

Additional information:

  • The advertisments are automoatically published for the period of 2 weeks. At the end of publiaction it can be prolonged for free without limits.
  • Offers published by companies which hold a 'SGH Partner' status are distinguished by:
    • blue background in the search results;
    • being displayed on top of the lists;
    • a 'SGH Partner' mark in the upper right corner of the page conatining the offer.

We offer paid advertisement and promotional campaigns on the campus

Our offer includes:

  • banner add on the main page of the Career Portal (resolution: 300 dpi, dimensions: 267 x 267);
  • organizing meetings (rent of conference rooms, auditoriums and the Parachute Hall for the meetings with the students) - pricing according to the price list;
  • promotional campaigns (posters and flyers concerning projects, competitions, training sessions, scientific programmes and other similar events) - pricing according to the price list;
  • information (free of charge) in the Career Portal's News section on the above mentioned topic.

We also offer Initial Recruitment Service! (price list).

IMPORTANT: Companies willing to organise a presentation for students or perform a promotional campaign on the premises of Warsaw School of Economics, are kindly asked to contact with our office.