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After filling in the first step of employer's registration form, I receive a message saying a company with the given data already exists in the system. Unfortunately, I do not know any login. Why is that? What am I supposed to do?

Each company in the SGH Careers Portal is identified on the basis of the EU VAT number and the postal code. Each pair of the numbers can only be used once. However, each registered company can have multiple representatives to publish the offers on its behalf.

It is the representatives, not the companies, that the usernames are attributed to. In order to publish offers on behalf of a company that already exists, you should contact one of the existing representatives of the company, giving your name, surname, position in the company, a phone number and the e-mail address.

Once the data is entered into the representative's registration form by the existing representative, you will receive an e-mail with an link that will allow you to complete the registration by choosing your own username and password. You will use this data to log into the portal.

If you are unable to contact an existing  representative, please contact the External Relations using the "Contact" form. After verifying your request we will add you as the company's representative.

I am a representative of a company in the Careers Portal. I received a request to add a new representative. What am I supposed to do?

After making sure the sender of the request is an employee at you company and he or she is allowed to publish the offers on the company's behalf, please use the "Add new representative" form in you control panel. To reach the form, please:

  • click the "My profile" in the upper right corner of the site, below your name.
  • choose the name of your company from the list on the right side of the page
  • use the "add representative" link from the list on the right.

After filling in the form with the new representative's data, the person will receive an e-mail with a link allowing him or her to complete the registration.

Why do I have to give invoice information when posting ads is free?

Placing advertisements on the site Career and information in the News tab is free, but other services are payable : placing banner , distribution of leaflets on the 1st floor at the Main Hall and on the ground floor with hall innings (price list) , so please provide the data to the invoice. In cases where employers decide to pay promotion, we have the data already available in the profile of the employer.

For further  information about paid promotion and advertising in the SGH and the lease of university facilities- click (here).

I represent an international company located in the EU and I have an EU VAT number. How can I register?

In order to register a company located in the EU (which has an EU VAT number - structure of VAT identification numbers for each European country available here) use the standard registration form.

I represent a company located outside the EU so I do not have an EU VAT number. How can I register?

In such case, please contact us via 'Contact' form choosing the 'other issues' topic.

Logging in

I cannot log in. What login am I supposed to be using?

In order to avoid "clashing names" between different types of users, the employer representative's username is automatically preceeded by the "prac_" suffix. Therefore in case of problems with logging in, please make sure that you enter the username with the prefix as indicated in the instructions.

If you did not receive the e-mail confirming the activation of your account within 24 hours after the registration, please check wether the message is not in the "spam" folder of your mailbox. If the message is not there, please contact us.

Publishing offers

Is publishing an offer in the Careers Portal free of charge? Why am I requested to enter "payment details" during the registration?

Every single offer can be published for free for the default period of two weeks and prolonged for free without limits. The "payment data" section is no longer used for any purpose.

How can I quit the display of an offer published by my company? What is the purpose of the "Archive offer" button visible below the published offers?

The "Archive offer" button is to be used for quitting the display of a published offer early. After clicking the button, the advertisment remains in the archive and the employer's representative is capable of editing it and restoring to publication. The archived offers ar not visible to anyone but the representative and the candidates who bookmarked the offer in their profile.

How can I edit an offer?

Please use the "Edit" button below the offer's body. After saving the changes, the offer will be visible as soon as the portal's administrator accepts it.