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Official letter

Dear Sirs, The survey that we kindly request that you complete is an important tool to determine to what extent curricula of universities in Poland, including the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), prepare graduates to secure good jobs and fulfill the expectations of employers.

logo_sghSGH is the oldest economic university in Poland with alumni whcontribute greatly to economic, social and political life at home and abroad. In the process of teaching and rearing its students SGH strives to pass on the most up-to-date knowledge, real job skills, and a sense of responsibility towards society. It is and has been the ambition of SGH to continuously increase the level of education and to improve the attractiveness of its offer. To this end, SGH has ongoing dialogue with economic practitioners, an example of which is the SGH Corporate Advisory Board established in 2011 and this survey. In addition, the most recent changes in the act on higher education provide universities, inclusive of SGH, greater autonomy in developing results-driven programs and participation of employers in designing curricula.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Poland („AmCham”) and Ernst & Young, as members of the SGH Corporate Advisory Board, have initiated this project to support both SGH and future employers to better understand mutual needs, which in the long-run will help better prepare graduates entering the labor market to meet employers’ needs. This project is also actively supported by students from the SGH Student Consulting Research Society.

We would be grateful for your opinion on how SGH and other universities in Poland prepare graduates; what competences and qualifications are viewed as most important for your business, what changes can be expected in your industry sectors in the coming years, and what changes should be implemented to curricula to allow SGH and other universities to respond to your needs. Conclusions from this survey will be communicated to students, the media, and companies in order to raise awareness of employer expectations and to what extent they are being met in Poland. 

The link to the survey:

Thank you for completing the survey!