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Workshops for students

Psychosocial abilities are extremely valued both on the personal and professional plane in the present world. In order to make it easier for you to start your working life and help you function in social relations more effectively, we invite you to psychoeducational workshops prepared and conducted by our career advisors. Workshops are held cyclically within the academic year.

Latest information on the upcoming registration for workshops is published in the Events section.

Workshops are conducted in Polish only!

Topics of workshops organised by the SGH External Relations are related to:


  • Recruitment And Selection Secrets

During the training participants will gain knowledge of: ways and sources of finding job, learn the principles how to write a professional job application, participate in job interview simulations; get acquainted with sample tasks appearing in the competency tests; take the personality test; refresh their knowledge of savoir vivre applied during job interview (clothing, greeting etiquette, handshake etc.). This workshop is a chance to ask a recruiter all kinds of questions on recruitment. We recommend it both to those who get themselves prepared for interviews and the ones who combine their professional future with the field of employee recruitment and selection.

  • Self-presentation

This workshop will provide participants with essential knowledge on self-presentation as well as public exposition. Participants will get to know the meanings of the elements of: verbal communication, body language, behaviour etiquette, how to create desired image. They will also learn how to use voice effectively. Moreover get acquainted with ways and techniques of dealing with stress in the public exposition (job interview, public speaking).

During these workshops we use video-camera; participants make presentations using multimedia etc.



  • Assessment Centre

This workshop is an Assessment Centre mini session. During the workshop participants will get acquainted with theoretical principles of this form of selection; learn what competency models are and how are created; take part in a few sample tasks (both individual and group ones) which are possible to be encountered during the Assessment Centre session. Participants will have the opportunity to analyse every task from the participant’s perspective as well as ‘view’ it from the assessor’s angle. This workshop is a great chance to verify one's interpersonal competencies such as: teamwork, communication, assertiveness, ability to work under pressure of time.

Workshop is not only a pill of knowledge on the Assessment Centre session, but above all it is an excellent way to get acquainted with this modern as well as more and more frequent form of recruitment.


Our workshops:


  • have practical approach towards discussed issues (we reduce theoretical knowledge to the essential minimum for practical exercises: scenes, case studies, exchange of experiences, simulation games, problem tasks etc.);
  • involve participants’ potential;
  • apply learning by experience: in the course of training participants are provided with space to do tasks, experiment, learn and act by emotions. This is aimed at working out individual, effective standards and styles of action.