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Who are the career advisors?

We are psychologists whose task is to advice students and alumni on selecting the right direction of development, further education and profession. We carry out various forms of counselling: we help to plan career paths, define plans and goals, support in learning your strong points, personal skills as well as indicate the areas requiring improvement and development.

Why is it worth to meet us?

All SGH students (irrespective of the mode and the year of studies) and alumni are eligible to take part in psychological tests, with the reservation that it has been less than a year from the undergraduate or master's defence.

During consultation we review your job experience, education, competences as well as needs, in order to do our best to help you make life-important career decisions.

An important element of our job is also conducting interpersonal workshops, during which we are teach and develop skills and competence valued on the labour market as well as in the private life.

We want to be advisors stimulating and inspiring people to development and discover their own potential and passion.

What does the consultation with the career adviser look like?

The consultation is two-stage and includes:

  • psychological tests
  • individual consultation meeting

Starting from the autumn semester psychological tests are performed individually after the prior enrolment at the SGH Career Services website. A test taker completes two psychological tests (APIS-Z General Intelligence Test, NEO-FFI Personality Test) lasting about 1.5 hr.

The next stage of the career guidance is an individual consultation, lasting about 1 hour. The date of the consultation is booked by the student or alumni at the SGH Career Services website as well.

Attention! Booking of the date of individual meeting must be done no later than on the day the test is performed. Consultation meeting should be carried out at least a week from the test date (it is the time for the advisor to analyse the results, prepare their interpretation and documents for the student/alumnus).

During the meeting a student/alumnus receives a psychological profile, which includes the general description of the assessed personality traits, level of the general intelligence, with dominating intellectual abilities, general professional suggestions, description of strong and weak points of personality. It is a starting point to a conversation with the psychologist, to establish the optimum path of education and career and determine career plans.

One of the forms of promoting SGH students and alumni on the labour market are ‘psychological certificates’ issued by us, including extended description of the their personality’s strong points. Everyone receives the letter of recommendation at the end of the individual conversation. The recommendation is a formal document, signed by the career advisor and addressed to the future employer.

Psychological tests and individual consultation are conducted in Polish only!

Students and alumni interested in individual consultation (not related with psychological tests, e.g. would like to get advice on writing job application documents) are asked to contact the career advisor by telephone or e-mail (22 564 94 71, career.advisor@sgh.waw.pl). Language will be agreed with the career advisor prior to the consultation.

We look forward to meeting you!

Career Advisors of SGH External Relations


e-mail: career.advisor@sgh.waw.pl

Tel.: (22) 564 94 71