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Where to look for help? Help for disabled people on the labour market - review of institutions, non-governmental organizations which support disabled people

Choice of profession and planning professional career by disabled persons is a quite difficult situation, but not impossible! All disabled persons are constitutionally entitled to education, professional work, social and cultural activity, to conduct their life in accordance with personal needs and preferences. The above is included in articles: 65, 68 and 69 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland in the chapter of ‘Citizens rights and duties’.

Road to ‘normal’ functioning in the society is not always easy. Limited physical ability, e.g. in case of a locomotive, hearing or eye dysfunction causes minor cases, which healthy person does not bother about, turn out to be a big problem for disabled persons. Architectural, communication and information (too little knowledge about the possibilities of getting help) and psychological obstacles often come across, make it significantly more difficult to enter the labour market single-handedly.

The often made decisions as for the selection of profession should consistent with the abilities of the organism. Moreover, disabled persons have to overcome the psychological – ‘I am a disabled person!’. Making plans for professional future, managing one’s own life cannot be done without taking negative conditioning of the labour market into account. Here I mean: unemployment, permanent transformation of the economy (disappearing professions and new ones coming into existence, which require new qualifications within the scope of many other professional specialties). Apart from professional qualifications, there are other significant social competence and skills such as: communicativeness, teamwork skills, own initiative, self-reliance or adaptation to new conditions. These requirements are often difficult to meet by healthy people, so all the more disabled people should receive the adequate assistance in order to enter the labour market.

Selecting the right profession, in accordance with the expectations as well as health, intellectual abilities (by different forms of the education, vocational training), can be the basis for the social and career rehabilitation, as well as to achieve self-reliance and enter the social and family roles.

Many physiotherapy specialists claim that the proper education and the employment have a great role in the rehabilitation and social integration process. This refers to the economic independence as well as, above all, participation in the social life, interpersonal contacts, sense of affiliation.

A disabled person is exposed to different dangers for their whole life. These can be associated with disability or disturbed relations with the social environment. Disabled persons are often accompanied by crises such as lack of trust, doubts, shame, isolation, stagnation and sense of inferiority. However, I want to emphasize here that in spite of these crises it is possible to be active on the labour market and not only. Support from the right people is crucial. It is worthwhile searching for it because that can increase disabled people’s activity and strive to overcome the obstacles they encounter.

Currently there are many places – institutions, non-governmental organizations which help disabled people within career activation and advisory. If you are searching for job or somebody you know is a disabled person who would like to find employment, simply contact institutions, which names and addresses are placed below. These are the institutions helping to find or change jobs as well as enter the labour market.

Centrum Karier Osób Niepełnosprawnych Fundacji TUS

ul. J.P. Woronicza 29A


022 852 01 82


Stowarzyszenie „Otwarte Drzwi” – Biuro Pośrednictwa Pracy

ul. Targowa 82


022 618 86 96


Centrum Integracja

ul. Dzielna 1


022 636 25 32

022 636 25 31


Biuro Karier Osób Niepełnosprawnych przy Fundacji Pomocy Matematykom

i Informatykom Niesprawnym Ruchowo

ul. Narbutta 49/51


022 565 48 71


Fundacja Agro-Fund
Aktywizacja zawodowa osób niepełnosprawnych z zaburzeniami psychicznymi

ul. Odolańska 56


022 646 50 52,

022 647 02 46,

0602 126 799


Centrum DZWONI Centrum Doradztwa Zawodowego
i Wspierania Osób Niepełnosprawnych Intelektualnie

Al. Solidarności 117


022 652 58 28


Centrum Promocji i Kariery Zawodowej Osób
z Dysfunkcją Wzroku w Laskach

ul. Brzozowa 75


022 75 22 225


Centrum Aktywizacji Zawodowej Osób Niepełnosprawnych

przy Polskiej Organizacji Pracodawców Osób Niepełnosprawnych

ul. Żelazna 64


022 652 25 62


Centrum Aktywizacji Zawodowej „Razem”

ul. Św. Wincentego 92


022 674 11 48

022 674 09 66

0 510 094 484


Stowarzyszenie „Niepełnosprawni  dla Środowiska – EKON”

ul. Mortkowicza 5


022 729 40 04

022 546 60 65


I also recommend getting acquainted with the database of the non-governmental organizations’ webpages (, where you can find more organizations helping disabled people:

I also suggest contacting career advisors/job agents working in job centres. That is where you can also get some help in vocational activation and career advisory (e.g. website of the Warsaw employment agency:


Iwona Kuc




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