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Welcome to Queen's MSc Program

Queen's Master of Science in Management is an exceptional 12-month program that provides an advanced-level conceptual foundation in your chosen field. It differs from an MBA program that teaches practical application of management theory.

As a Queen's MSc student, you will select an area to focus on research in one of eight fields of study: accounting, finance, management information systems, marketing, organizational behaviour, management science, managerial economics and strategy. With a Queen’s MSc, you are ready to enter high-quality PhD programs or embark on consulting and research-based careers.

Who Applies?

The program is designed for students from a variety of disciplines who have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree. For example, economics graduates may pursue an MSc in finance; engineering or math graduates may choose management science, while psychology majors may choose organizational behaviour. Many undergraduates with commerce and business degrees also apply. Other undergraduate degrees will also be considered for study in a related area.

Please note that recent government enrolment caps and international tuition bursary restrictions have limited the number of PhD spots available in our program. If you are an international student and are considering applying to the program for September 2011, please contact our office.

Prior to the start of your studies, you meet with the Associate Dean, Julian Barling and Associate Director, Annette Lilly to discuss your program.

Queen's School of Business PhD program prepares you to take a leading role in the next generation of scholars and researchers. In a world that increasingly values knowledge, you will have the skills and expertise to make a significant and lasting contribution.

The doctoral program is tailored to your interests. It features a series of challenging courses, research opportunities, and the preparation and defense of a thesis on an original topic. It is based on a major/minor structure that allows you to hone your analytic and research skills and offers the tools to generate advanced research.

The School of Business is home to a strong research environment. As a doctoral student, you collaborate with leading faculty who are widely published in peer-reviewed journals, giving you the chance to deeply explore issues that interest you. And you can attend seminars led by visiting scholars from universities around the world. Best of all, you work in a supportive environment that sets you up for success.

Program Structure

In the doctoral program you select:

  • one major, comprising five courses and a comprehensive examination chosen from;
    • accounting
    • finance
    • management information systems
    • marketing
    • organizational behaviour
    • management science
    • managerial economics
  • one minor, comprising three graduate courses from within or outside of Queen’s School of Business;
  • one elective
  • three quantitative / research / methods course;
  • a non-credit teaching course.

Timeline to Completion

Prior to the start of your studies, you meet with the Associate Dean Julian Barling and Associate Director Annette Lilly to discuss your program.

The PhD program begins each year in September and normally requires four to five years of full-time study.* In addition to regular course work, the first term is spent in a research workshop, where you work closely with faculty to develop research skills.

In year two, you complete course requirements and take a comprehensive examination during the summer. In years three and four, you develop and defend a thesis proposal and then complete and defend the dissertation.

*There is no provision for part-time study.