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Polish Interns on the Go

Capitol Hill Internships offer a unique, first-hand public service experience at the office of a US lawmaker to Polish university upperclassmen and the best and brightest young scholars.

squire sandersInternships are designed to enhance career-building capabilities through direct contact with field experts at US Government agencies and select public and private institutions – hosts of academically challenging signature off-Hill events for Polish Congressional interns since the Summer of 2004. The Internship Examination Commission is now inviting Poland's leaders of tomorrow and talent in the legal field and international affairs from top-tier institutions of higher learning to submit no later than close of business Friday, February 11, 2011, their vitae in English for the 2011 Summer term Capitol Hill nominations to:
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All attachments must be saved as rich text format (as *.rtf) files.
Applicants must be on the dean's merit list for scholastic achievements and, at minimum, have a record of accomplishment in English language competency in any field of study as runner-ups in national/international contests.

Capitol Hill Internships are unpaid and Polish interns assume sole responsibility for their own financial support.

Marek S. Podhorecki

United States-European Union Government Initiatives

Law students who apply for Capitol Hill Internships are fasttracked for consideration as praktykanci at Squire Sanders.