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Monaghan Mushroom Group Graduate Programme

Monaghan Mushroom Group (MMG) was established in 1981 and has grown into one of the world leaders in fresh mushroom production and the number 1 producer of mushroom substrate. We have currently over 3,500 employees based in Ireland, England, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands and Canada.

We are a company that takes great pride in what we do and how we do it. We invest in our people to ensure we release the potential of all of our circa 3,500 employees.

In our graduates we are looking for the future 'captains' of our industry. We want people who have the potential to be brilliant leaders, who feel passionate about we have achieved and who are able to ‘stand in the future’ and help shape the destiny of MMG.

We offer our graduates the opportunity to take part in an exciting and challenging two year graduate programme, in which one year will be spent in a market outside of their home location. Partnering with the Irish Management Institute (IMI) our graduate programme also offers the latest teaching into how to be successful; by making the transition from university to the world of business.

We want graduates who are authentic, can create possibilities, create conditions for success, consistently deliver great performance through their teams and themselves and are looking to grow their capabilities and experience. At MMG we want to help you be the BEST that YOU can be.

Please visit www.mmgraduates.com for more information on our Company, Graduate Programme and how to apply.

Application deadline is 29th April.