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Graduate Programme in EUROCONTROL

The EUROCONTROL Graduate Programme offers graduates three years of hands-on work experience with excellent prospects for making a career in ATM.

While on the programme, you will work in three different business areas of the Agency, giving you the opportunity to develop your competences and acquire a range of expertise in the field of air traffic management.  At the end of the programme, high-performing graduates will stand an excellent chance of becoming a staff member and pursuing a challenging career in a multicultural intergovernmental environment.

You can also have more information on the Programme by checking the online chat which took place on 30 April 2013.

Notice of competition & how to apply

The required profiles and job responsibilities are described in this Notice of Competition.

To read more about the different profiles we are looking for and to apply to the Programme, go to the Careers international EUROCONTROL page and follow the instructions.

More information: