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Careers in Europe Event in Berlin

Europe's top employers are coming to Berlin to recruit you! The Careers in Europe Event in Berlin is a prestigious recruitment forum where multinational companies from all over Europe will conduct one-to-one interviews with carefully selected first-class candidates. On offer are many excellent careers across the continent!

Careers in Europe holds unique, invitation-only events at which top international employers meet and interview the best graduates and early-career professionals for a wide variety of positions throughout the continent.

The Careers in Europe Event in Berlin will take place on

May 11th & 12th; the application deadline is March 14th.

Open positions vary from entry-level and graduate-programmes up to positions for young professionals in more senior positions.

During this Event you can expect:

  • Face-to-face interviews (pre-scheduled or arranged during the Event itself) with top international recruiters that you will never meet in your home country
  • Company presentations
  • Presentations and coaching sessions about how to prepare for job interviews or how to improve your CV
  • Excellent NETWORKING opportunities with top managers, recruiters and candidates from all over Europe

Careers in Europe Events are tailor-made for graduates and young professionals who are fluent in English and preferably one other European language. International exposure (through study or work experience abroad) is always an asset when planning to work abroad. Please note that we only accept applications with a CV written in English.

For more information about the event and how to apply please visit