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Business Leadership Internship with Precision Marketing group, LLC San Diego, California

Dear Student, In our continual effort to provide you with the highest quality educational experience, we are pleased to announce a very unique and challenging International Business Leadership internship with Precision Marketing Group, LLC. This company provides students with a meaningful six to twelve month paid internship in San Diego, California.

This internship has a primary focus of increasing the emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) of its interns.  Development takes place through a series of training, evaluation, practice, assessment, and feedback in an authentic business environment. Additionally, interns are challenged to accurately assess and improve their effectiveness in these areas without intrusion, experiencing the full spectrum of financial, professional, and personal risks and rewards.  It is specifically this type of work experience that will allow you to better develop, promote, and apply your value in today’s global economy.

The qualification process of students for this internship is selective.  Students must demonstrate above-average levels of emotional competence, demonstrable high levels of previous achievement, above average English ability, and financial means.  Students must submit a company EQ competence test, an essay detailing their reasons for applying, two letters of recommendation, a transcript of grades, and a current resume.  Candidates will be selected to attend an interview with a company representative approximately 4-6 weeks after the application deadline.  Applications must be submitted by November 20, 2010. 

PMG will only select a maximum of three students from the institution to participate in this internship.   We encourage all of you to find out more by attending the information meeting on:

Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 2 p.m., in the Lecture Hall VI

in the Main Building of Warsaw School of Economics.

More information:

Kersti Guitar (+372) 56 966 814


Precision Marketing Group, LLC



“This internship brought my self-confidence, entrepreneurial and communication skills to the next level.  These attributes of emotional intelligence will make my career easier.  This is a great opportunity!”     Domas Gedvilas, Vilnius, Lithuania


“I love to be here.  I love that it's hard!  I would advise this experience to everyone, but I know that just a few people can do it.  The personal skills I gained here will give me a tremendous advantage in everything I do.  Nobody in Lithuania teaches these skills.”      Goda Zvybaite, Vilnius, Lithuania


“The decision to apply for this internship was one of the best decisions of my life.  It is very challenging, yet unbelievable how much I have learned, developed, and changed in such a positive direction.  I now know how to effectively communicate with people.”      Karina Civkule, Riga, Latvia


“Finally I realize what are the most valuable skills that will definitely help me to become successful in my career and life.  Although, it's challenging, this internship provides a unique opportunity to see your personal growth as an effective communicator.”   Dominykas Tomasevicius, Vilnius, Lithuania


“The training and daily work experience is extremely important and I don't think I could get such valuable experience anywhere else in such a short period of time.  Now I have way more self-confidence, and a better attitude.  This will really help my future.”   Kipras Uzdavinys, Vilnius, Lithuania


“You discover your personal strengths and weaknesses.  Then you realize that you can really control your emotions, thinking, and self-confidence.  Moreover, you learn how to influence others by using the communication skills learned during training.”    Zana Malisevskaja, Riga, Latvia


“The training is so well-organized and it has given me the necessary communication skills in business, while simultaneously motivating me to the point where I feel I can overcome any difficulties in life.  These skills are applicable in all human interactions.”   Mark Misin, Tallinn, Estonia