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Jobedays 2012

More and more companies are participating in virtual career fairs. Visit our next virtual fair Jobedays from 27th February to 4th March.

Afraid of having to meet your future employer, answering hundreds of questions, not sure about the dress code…?

This is all over now, our virtual career fair “Jobedays” allows you to chat with the HR department.

Wherever you may be, sign up and get in touch with the companies: www.jobedays.ch.*

22 well known companies, which cover most of the economic sector in Switzerland, have decided to participate in Jobedays, to get to know you, students and graduates, and to chat with you.

The virtual career fairs reflect the actual trend of recruitment.

* The virtual career fair Jobedays is in flash format therefore it will not be compatible on an iphone or ipad.