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Inside Buzz: Browse thousands of quotes from current employees. Your inside look at companies, interviews, salaries and more

Inside Buzz came to life in 2010 to give graduates a real taste of working life before they start. We felt that graduates didn't have enough information on which to base the all-important decision of what they want to do for a living and where they want to do it. Let's face it, corporate websites are not objective and job boards don't let you see what everyday life will be like once you become an employee. That's where Inside Buzz comes in.


helpInside Buzz offers graduates unbiased, insider information on the UK’s top graduate employers.  We independently survey employees at leading firms in the UK and ask them for feedback on topics such as company culture, interviews, salaries, hours, quality of work, diversity, training and more. That way if students are thinking of becoming an accountant, investment banker, consultant, lawyer, or going into another field, they can read quotes from current employees to see which company may be right for them, as well as if the industry would be a good fit in the first place. Inside Buzz is on a mission to give grads the tools to make informed decisions and also recognise the importance of research during a job hunt. 

We work with HR departments to distribute the surveys, but the entire editorial process is independent. We take the most representative quotes and that's what we lawpublish - the good, the bad, the ugly, whatever employees are saying. No company ever pays to have their profile and employee quotes posted on the website, so you can be sure that no opinions have been paid for. We also refresh our profiles and quotes regularly so all of the information is always up-to-date. Besides employee quotes we also write tons of industry-specific articles about everything from interviewing to a day in the life to exam preparation, so if you're not even sure what industry you want to work in, we can help you with that decision too.

On www.insidebuzz.co.uk, you will find:

  • 1,000s of quotes from current employees 
  • Over 150 in depth company profiles 
  • Insider interview advice and tips on getting hired 
  • Engaging career articles, news and blogs

Inside Buzz publishes print and digital career guides, including ‘top employer’ guides in accounting, banking, consulting and law, as well as interview guides in banking and consulting. These are updated and distributed every year to students at all major UK and international universities.