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University Report 2013 European Edition Poland

The Potentialpark University Report 2013 is here!

Download your report here: 


We want to share the results and give you some interesting insights into the fast moving development of career websites, social media, mobile recruiting, and campus activities. We hope that you find the results interesting.

The University Report 2013 includes:

  • Overview of recruitment trends in social media, mobile recruitment, and campus events 
  • Key findings regarding students' career preferences, how they prefer to access career information, and apply for opportunities in the digital world of today 
  • Rankings of the the best employers in Online Talent Communication 
  • Country/regional specific information that might be of particular interest to you in your role 

The OTaC 2013 study would not have been possible without the 20,000 students from 600 universities in 45 countries worldwide participating in the survey this year.