Oct 30, 2020

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Our duties

What we do?

Duties of the External Relations:

1) establishing and maintaining close relations between the SGH Alumni and the University, among others:

1.1. working out and introducing the concept of establishing and maintaining relations with SGH Alumni,

1.2. cooperation and supporting initiatives of the SGH Alumni Association and other organisations of SGH Alumni,

1.3. getting the Alumni involved in forming the lines of the University’s development,

1.4. informing the Alumni about the education and research offer of SGH,

1.5. getting the Alumni involved in promoting the studies and studying in SGH,

1.6. organising graduation ceremony,

1.7. research on alumni career paths (concerning labour market, education, preparing graduates for their job) in cooperation with the Centre for Development of Economic Studies and other SGH organizational units and external entities, competent in this area,

1.8. participation in preparing parts of rankings concerning graduates of higher education institutions,

1.9. cooperation with IT Centre and other SGH organizational units within the graduates database study, update and use,

2) helping students and alumni in entering and making moves on the labour market in order to find the appropriate employment, among others:

2.1. providing students and alumni with information about the labour market, potential employers of SGH graduates,

2.2. providing career advisory,

2.3. carrying out different educational activities, facilitating active behaviour on the labour market,

2.4. running online career services for students and graduates in the field of job, internship and traineeship opportunities,

2.5. obtaining permanent and temporary job opportunities,

2.6. establishing and maintaining relations with employers,

2.7. cooperation with the Teaching Department within the student traineeship and internship organization,

3) helping students and alumni in raising professional qualifications, among others by organising meetings enabling their professional experience exchange,

4) cooperation, under the agreed procedure, with SGH organizational units within the above tasks and in order to provide the right service to the alumni,

5) updating the Rector on the SGH Alumni activity concerning their relation with the University and phenomena, situations or events demonstrated by Alumni and significant as far as forming the SGH image is concerned.