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General information

Career and Alumni Centre has been established in November 2016. Previously the office functioned under different names – initially, since 1995 till 2004 as an the Alumni Promotion Centre, then as a the Career Centre and next as the Centre for Career and Fundraising, since 2010 as the Alumni Office, and since 2013 as the External Relations.

The main tasks of Career and Alumni Centre are: establishing and maintaining relations between alumni and our university, providing students and alumni with the career consultancy, assistance in finding traineeship, internship and job offers in Poland and abroad, support in building professional career path of our graduates.

Career and Alumni Centre's activity is based, among others, on seeking and collection of traineeship, internship and job offers for students and alumni, providing professional career consultancy services, helping with preparation of CV’s and covering letters. In our daily job we use the Career Portal (, which has been designed by us and tailored to our and our clients (students, alumni, employers) needs. Our office also gathers information concerning students and alumni of SGH as well as maintains relations with them within the Alumni Association of SGH.

The office organizes meetings with employers and companies. During such a meeting an employer has got a possibility to present his offer to a student and carry out recruitment test or initial interview. Moreover, employers are offered a possibility to conduct their advertising action on the premises of our university by publishing information on our website (poster, leaflet and brochure distribution).

Career and Alumni Centre cooperates with many other universities within the Polish Network of Career Centres. By this cooperation, we are trying to improve our offer and broaden the range of our services. We follow the good practice implemented in foreign institutions which have a great experience in creating best relations with their alumni.

Career and Alumni Centre offers:

Students and alumni:

  • traineeship, internship and job offers,
  • career consultancy with regard to choosing the major of studies and future job,
  • workshops teaching how to enter the labour market successfully, e.g.:
    • self-presentation
    • interpersonal communication
    • self-motivation
    • recruitment and selection process
    • preparation of job application
  • advisory concerning preparation of job application.


  • Alumni Club,
  • Warsaw School of Economics’ Alumni Card, giving a possibility to benefit from a rich range of discounts and bonuses,
  • graduation ceremony,
  • helping with organizing alumni meetings,
  • information on the possibility to continue education at WSE,
  • helping with getting documents from the other institutions of SGH (dean’s offices, archive)


  • publishing traineeship, internship and job offers in the Career Portal of SGH,
  • advertising actions and organization of company presentation in SGH,
  • participation in conferences and meetings organized by our office,
  • initial recruitment organized for potential candidates.

Range of activity:

a.     Establishing and developing close relations between alumni and SGH:

  • cooperation and support of all initiatives of Alumni Club SGH and other organizations associating alumni of SGH,
  • including alumni in creation of development direction of SGH,
  • informing alumni about educational and academic offer of SGH,
  • including alumni in promotion of studies at SGH,
  • organization of graduation ceremony,
  • research on alumni situation (concerning labour market, teaching, preparation for professional employment) in cooperation with Centre for Economic Studies Development as well as other organization units of SGH and external units  related to the subject matter,
  • preparation of data concerning alumni for university ranking purposes,
  • cooperation with IT Centre and other organization units of SGH regarding preparation, actualization and use of alumni database.

b.     helping students and alumni regarding career advisory and searching for apprenticeship, internship and job opportunities in Poland and abroad:

  • providing students with information about labour market, potential job opportunities for alumni of SGH,
  • offering career advisory,
  • providing various forms of education preparing for activity on the labour market,
  • maintaining careers portal for students and alumni as far as job, internship and apprenticeship offers are concerned,
  • collecting permanent and temporary employment opportunities,
  • establishing and maintaining relations with employers,
  • cooperation with Teaching Department with regard to student apprenticeship.

c.     helping alumni in acquiring professional qualifications, among others, by organizing meetings giving a possibility to exchange professional experiences.